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Real Food.
Real People.

Here at Wendy’s, we understand that everyone has their unique cravings. For that just-right burger. For that great new job. You know what you want, and we’ll embrace that when you work here. Flexibility. Fun. The feeling that you can just be you.


The Wendy’s Story

Wendy, the name of the franchise, was inspired by a real person. And a pretty special one, she’s the daughter of our founder, Dave Thomas. Today, she has become one of the most involved and successful franchise owners of the Wendy’s enterprise. We believe Dave would be proud. Back in 1969, he looked around at all other hamburger joints and was disappointed because he knew that people deserved better. At the time, other quick-service restaurants were using frozen beef and mass-producing food. But not Dave. He changed the game with his approach of serving fresh, made-to-order hamburgers. And his unstoppable commitment to making customers happy still drives everything we do today.

Flip it!

Photograph of one of the first Wendy's drive-thru."
Wendy, as a child, hair in her famous pigtails.

Fair and Square

We started selling our famous square-shaped hamburgers 50 years ago. Ever since the beginning, we’ve treated our employees in that same spirit: fair and square. It all comes down to our values. They don’t come from a rulebook. They come from everyone showing up to work as their real selves. We embrace everyone’s individuality, we have fun, and we turn out some fantastic hamburgers in the process.

Photograph of the famous Wendy's hamburger with square patties. Why is our burger square? Because we don't cut corners!

Diversity and Inclusion

At Wendy’s, we hire Real People. We know the communities we serve are diverse, representing a multi-cultural society, with different ethnic and national origins, sexualities, genders and gender identities, and with different abilities and ages, just to name a few. We are committed to creating restaurant environments that embrace diversity, are free from any form of discrimination, and where everyone is empowered to bring their authentic selves to work. For us, these aren’t new ideas. Our founder, Dave Thomas, created Wendy’s with core values like “do the right thing” and “treat others with respect,” and we continue to live those values by embracing and valuing our employees for who they truly are. Our diversity makes us better, and we are excited to introduce Wendy’s to the UK.

Come join us, and see what we mean when we say we hire “Real People to make Real Food.”

Wendy's Employees


Wages at Wendy’s are competitive, and we’re proud of our culture of recognition. This includes bonuses for many levels of crew and management. Beyond pay, we offer extras you can really sink your teeth into. Benefits & perks vary by restaurant location, so get it touch to find out more.

Beyond Benefits

Team camaraderie runs deep and when you work here, and we have your back. Our Company Employee Assistance Programme helps Restaurant Team members facing personal hardships. Talk to us. Tell us what you need. If you want more or less hours on the timetable, we’ll work with you. Show up as your best self (wearing your free Wendy’s tee — we don’t have complicated uniforms here!) and have fun. We promise a free delicious Wendy’s meal will be part of it.

Flexible timetables
Flexible timetables
Personalised training
Personalised training
Growth opportunities
Growth opportunities
Employee Assistance Programme
Employee Assistance Programme
Bonus opportunities at <br />all levels
Bonus opportunities at
all levels
Meal discounts
Meal discounts

Giving Back

Our founder, Dave Thomas, believed everyone has an obligation to put back into life more than what they take out. He founded Wendy’s with the belief that a company should do more than just sell a product or service. Dave taught us to treat people with respect, do the right thing, and give something back to the communities where we do business.

Wendy’s looks forward to supporting local causes in the UK to help create joy and opportunity through food, family and community.

Wendy's UK Real food. Real People. Bring your true self. It's about flexibility, fun, and the feeling that you can be you. FT/PT opportunities in the UK.