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Keeping it real

No fake love here. Watch our video and see.

“I’m really loving this, I don’t think I would ever want to leave”

Maggie Mae, Crew Member

“I think the culture is very multi-diverse, you see one of every color, one of every faith and yet we are all one”

Zoha, Crew Member

"I was looking for a job that was flexible and could work around my college hours."

Sam, Crew Member

Why Wendy's

We keep it real. It’s our personality. People want to have fun… where they dine, and where they work. We see to both. Our customers adore Wendy’s, and we adore them. It’s all about camaraderie. We keep things light, yet lively.

Career Growth

It starts with one-on-one training and exposure to all aspects of our restaurant operations. From there it’s up to you. Wendy’s has defined career paths for those who want to be promoted and advanced.

Photograph of the red Wendy's crew member hat.

What do you love about your work?

We asked. They answered. Here’s a snapshot of what our team members from our US employees say about working in our restaurants.

“I’m looking in the future to move on to hopefully an Assistant Manager, maybe even a GM. I’m excited for just being part of Wendy’s and growing with it, here in the UK.”


Shift Manager

“I like to be a lead by example so I always go and help them on each station, have fun with them.”


Assistant General Manager

“I think the culture is very multi-diverse. You see one of every color, one of every faith and yet we’re all one.”


Crew Member

“I was looking for a job that was flexible, that would work around my college hours and that wouldn’t put too much pressure on me. And I definitely got all three of those things.”


Crew Member

“They always want us to bring ourselves to the job rather than just plainly doing the job. That really warmed my heart. I can just be myself.”


Crew Member

“I’ve been in this industry a long time. The amount that I’ve learned in the last four months of being at Wendy’s is more than years and years at previous companies.”


General Manager